Researched and tested. Process driven. Passionate about solving the most complex problems.

Similing after a 4 mile hike down to the bottom of Crater Lake, OR. 

Similing after a 4 mile hike down to the bottom of Crater Lake, OR. 

One of my earliest memories is my first time sewing a throw pillow by myself. That small, poorly stuffed pillow introduced me to the world of design. From there I sketched clothing, objects, and places every day. I explored my surroundings and the problems I encountered through costume and fashion design until realizing my true inspiration, people. 

From there I attended Parsons School of Design, in New York, with a focus on product design and communication design. I dug deep into explorations in programming and web design– wanting to experience the complete process of ideation, creation, and iteration first hand. I found myself in new territories: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Java, but was engrossed and obsessed.

And for the last three years, I've been working at Button, a modern affiliate marketing startup which connects people to amazing brands. After joining the company when it was only the seven of us and watching it grow into a Series B company, I've learned how to see complex user experience problems with a business lens. Today, I'm focused on helping companies and people strive for a more connected and innovative world. 



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